Who are we?

At Col·lectiu Punt 6 (Collective Point 6), we are a cooperative of architects, sociologists and urban planners of different origins with more than 10 years of local, national and international experience.

We started after the Law of Neighborhoods was enacted in 2004. This is an innovative legislation that implemented social and urban measures, through the development of 8 points, being point 6 the one that included a gender perspective in the design of urban spaces and facilities. And this is the origin of our name.

Since then we have not stopped working: facilitating workshops, designing guides, teaching, conducting research, urban planning consultancies, audits, and many more projects, actions and activities with a common goal: make our cities more inclusive and make the people who inhabit them the experts of the spaces that surround us.

How? We explain it through this video (only available in Spanish).