Architecture and Urban Planning

Assistance to include a gender perspective in Urban Plans

Integral review of documents, elaboration of recommendations and ongoing support in the reformulation of plans in order to apply gender equity and its impact in all urban planning scales.

Urban assessments, audits and evaluations from a gender perspective

Studies about the situation, use, and needs of a particular space, a neighborhood or everyday life mobility networks. Application of urban quality indicators of space and management through participatory methodologies with the community and the public administration.

Development of non-sexist playgrounds and school routes 

Analysis of the use and co-existence to re-design school playgrounds and safe school routes through participatory work with all the education community.

Urban Safety Audits

Assessment and integral analysis of the social, physical and functional aspects that condition safety in the space applying an intersectional gender perspective and participatory methods: exploratory walks, focus groups, community maps, etc.