We believe it is necessary to rethink spaces from new paradigms to break with discriminations and hierarchies, and to work towards social transformation. To accomplish this, we support the solidarity economy, the economy that gives priority to people’s lives, through the design and development of all our projects.


We work from an intersectional gender perspective visible the different positions of power, and how these influence in the use and configuration of spaces. And we do it through community action, to promote social diversity without discriminations.

Dinamización comunitaria

We use Architecture of Proximity and Everyday life Urban Planning to de-construct and rethink domestic, community and public spaces based in the needs, uses and desires of the people who inhabit them. We depart from a position respectful with the environment, understanding sustainability as a basic criterion for development.


We address projects from a holistic perspective and develop our own methodologies (quantitative, qualitative and participatory) that we adapt to the context and the people we work with. For this, we us participation as an essential tool of our work, highlighting people’s voices in the communities, because they are the maximum experts in their territories.