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Our Services

How do we work?

We understand that reality is complex and that is why we try to approach it using different methodologies to break with the social hierarchies that give voice to some subjects rather than others. We design methodologies taking into account the main aim of the project but also the specific characteristics of the Community context and we start our work with community participation because we consider it is the people inhabiting an area who are best able to accumulate greater knowledge about their surroundings, as well as having the right to define which are their needs and priorities.

Download our catalogue of services here.

  • Assistance to include a gender perspective in Urban Plans
  • Urban assessments, audits and evaluations from a gender perspective
  • Urban Safety Audits
  • Development of non-sexist playgrounds and school routes

Related projects

  • Participatory processes
  • Community actions and workshops

Related projects

  • Walking tours, talks and exhibitions

Related projects

  • Training in urban planning or urban safety from a gender perspective.

Related projects

  • Development of research.

Related projects